Streaming Videos

          Every event we do creates spontaneous moments that we feel compelled to capture on video for all to enjoy. Click any box and see some of the great moments that we have helped create for our families. You too can create moments like this to look back on with happiness fond memories. 

Mitzvah’s & More Trade Show

Rockin’ at the Rubanowitz Bat-Mitzvah

Cupid Shuffle with the Kanovsky Family

Singing Glee with at the Kanovsky Sweet 16

Haltrecht Party in full swing

Singing Dynamite with the Haltrecht family

Galombek Family dances the Chicken Mix

Nagel Family partying like it’s 1999

Morris family lovin’ the 50’s music

Adelstein kids lovin’ The Black Eyed Peas

Oknyansky Guests in the final friendship circle

Wilheim guests showing their party spirit


Rabbi Cohen’s Pajama party all night long

Brookside Elementary’s Daddy Daughter Dance

Pomelo Daddy Daughter Dance


Kids doing the Fresh Prince “Jump on it” Dance