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Check out all of the amazing Giveaway Items we Have for you to choose from. We have assembled a collection of the most popular items we feel are the most exciting and useful to your party guests.


Dice bead Necklaces.jpg
Jelly Blinking Rings.JPG
Jelly Starball Necklaces.JPG
Head Boppers.JPG

Mardi-Gras Beads

Mardi-Gras Dice Beads

Jelly Blinking Rings

Jelly Starball Necklaces

Glitter Head Boppers

Neon Sunglasses.JPG
John Lennon Sunglasses.JPG
Shutter Shades.JPG
Slap Bracelets.jpg
Feather Bracelets.jpg
Neon Glow Necklaces.JPG
Tinsel Maracas.JPG
Neon Maracas.JPG
Hand Clackers.JPG
B & W Inflatable Guitars.JPG
Inflatable Guitars.JPG
Inflatable Keyboard.JPG
Inflatable Saxophones.JPG
Inflatable Microphones.JPG
Hawaiian Leis.JPG

Neon Sunglasses

John Lennon Sunglasses

 Shutter Shades

Animal Slap Bracelets

Feather Slap Braclets

Neon Glow Necklaces

Tinsel Maracas

Neon Maracas

Hand Clackers

B & W Inflatable Guitars

Colored Inflatable Guitars

Inflatable Keyboards

Inflatable Saxophones

Inflatable Microphones

Hawaiian Leis

Mardi Gras Beads.JPG
Water & Glitter Necklaces.JPG
Inflatable Beach Ball.JPG
Inflatable shoes.JPG
Mylar Wigs.JPG
Striped Cat in the Hats.JPG
Flame Cat in the Hats.JPG
Magnetic Bliking Lights.JPG
Silicone Bracelets.JPG
White Gloves.JPG

Glitter & Water Necklaces

Inflatable Beach Ball

Inflatable Shoes

Tinsel Wig

Striped Cat-In-The-Hat 

Flame Cat-In-The-Hat

Magnetic Blinking Lights


Silicone Bracelets

White Gloves

Ganster Hats.JPG
Deluxe Gangster hats.JPG
Metallic Gangster hats.JPG
Neon Gangster Hats.JPG
Blues Brothers Sunglasses.JPG

Gangster Hats

Deluxe Gangster Hats

 Metallic Gangster Hats

Neon Gangster Hats

Blues Bros Sunglasses

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