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          THE PARTY ZONE wants your child’s event to be spectacular. One that you and your guests will be talking about for years. We accomplish this by interacting with every guest and really dancing with them. By teaching and leading what we call “follow-along dances”. We provide an incredible selection of Intelligent lighting that includes lazers and computer automated moving beams of light guaranteed to get them on that dance floor and keep them dancing the whole party. We also involve the kids in a huge array of different games and activites that the kids can pick from. Games like Basketball toss, Football throw and Scavenger hunt just to name a few. Involving all your guests is very important to a sucessfull party. We make sure that the adults at your party are dancing and having as much fun as the kids are. It’s important that all different age groups dance together and interact with one another.

         It’s all about customizing your child’s Bar or Bat-Mitzvah to their unique personality. Here at THE PARTY ZONE we realize that no two events are the same. That's why we spend an enormous amount of time learning about your Son or Daughter to really understand who they are as a person and what they want out of their party. In the end, what you get is a personalized event that connects with your child so that he or she has the best event possible.


         When it’s your Daughter’s turn to have her special day we spend an incredible amount of time researching her interests, hobbies and personality traits that make your Daughter who she is. This allows the audience to actually feel like your DJ knows exactly who we are entertaining for. It’s that connection that we strive for with each and every honoree that guarantees we deliver the absolute best party for your Daughter.


           When It’s your Son’s turn to have his one-of-kind event, we realize that this is for a boy not a girl. That means your DJ company should have the experience to know that boy’s react to a party different than girls do. This means possibly more interactive games, more structured dancing, and in general more structured activities to ensure that all of your son’s friends are engaged and active at his party and not outside of the room where they don’t belong.


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